10-year ban for cheaters in PUBG Mobile


More and more people are complaining about hackers in PUBG Mobile. Even some of the most recognized streamers, Ron Gaming, Rowdy and Levinho have uploaded countless videos of playing against the hackers.

On the official Twitter and Instagram pages, the community is frustrated with playing against cheaters and letting their feeling known in the comments section. The developers is quite aware about the problem at hand. Yesterday, PUBG Mobile released an official statement regarding their concerns about the matter. They have ensured the community that the cheater are violating the rules and are ruining the experience for the casual players.

In the statement, the developer has said that those who are violating the rules are likely to receive a 10-year ban. PUBG Mobile have encouraged the victimes, to inform about as many players as they can, in the in-game reporting. Tencent has also ensured that they will investigate each report and will be completely transparent about their findings. The developer will also publish the IDs of the hackers who will get the 10-year ban, to set a strong example for the community.

Will you get banned for modifying graphics

This announcement has made things quite confusing for the PUBG Mobile players. Since the notice says that they players are who are using third party applications for the game will also receive the ban. Many players use GFX Tools in the game, it allows them to enhance the graphic settings, including FPS so the players are not convinced, if they will receive a ban or not. We recommend all the players to avoid all third party modifying tools until a statement is made from Tencent. At the end of the notice, they have also published a list of some accounts that have already received the 10-year ban.

Faze leads PUBG Europe League

Meanwhile, in the PC version of the game, some teams are competing in the PUBG Europe League. In the competition, FaZe Clan climbed to the top spot in the overall standings after two weeks. The side led by Ivan “ubah” Kapustin scored 222 points. Team Liquid ranked second (187 points). The top three were closed by the leader of the last week, G2 Esports, who scored 181 points.

Natus Vincere dropped down a couple of places and are currently placed in fourth place (177 points). The seventh spot was taken by a team from the CIS – CrowCrowd. They made 103 kills and scored 140 points. Team SoloMid, Digital Athletics and Ninjas in Pajamas also made it to the top eight.

The first phase of the PEL, was won by ENCE eSports, the tournament took place from March 21 to April 7 in Berlin. The team from Finland earned $ 75 thousand and got a slot at the FACEIT Global Summit. The second phase of the PUBG Europe League takes place from May 17 to July 7 in Berlin. 16 participants were sown in one group, where they compete throughout the championship. The prize fund of the tournament is $ 350 thousand – it will be divided by eight best teams at the end of the competition.

Source: Esports Junkie Feed