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365 days of Astralis’ dominance!


On April 23, 2018, Astralis won the first place in the rankings and it still holds it. During this period of one year, the line-up has reigned supreme in almost all the major tournaments. They have also become a force to be reckoned with on Nuke. We will tell what the Danes have achieved over the past year.

11 Professional Titles

Astralis topped the global rankings after winning DreamHack Masters Marseille 2018. Since April 2018, the line-up has competed in 17 championships, out of which they have won 11 and secured the second place on three occasions. The Danes won the last two Majors in London and Katowice. Before Astralis, only two teams have managed to accomplish this feat: Fnatic in 2015 and Luminosity Gaming / SK Gaming in 2016.

Astralis became the first Intel Grand Slam champions. Intel established Grand Slam a circuit in the summer of 2017 in which the organizer pledged to pay a million dollars to the team that will be the first to win four Major tournaments of ESL and DreamHack. In December 2018, Astralis won the first Grand Slam season. In addition to the million dollars, each member of the team was awarded personal gold bars.

Millionaire Squad

All five Astralis players are officially millionaires. In 2018, the team won $ 4.1 million in prize money. This is $ 300 thousand more than the total sum of the other top 5 teams. The closest competitor, Natus Vincere, has won only $ 1.3 million, and Team Liquid has secured $ 1.1 million in winnings. Other compositions have earned less than a million. Astralis’ players are the only millionaires in the competitive landscape of CS: GO. The clutch minister, Andreas Xyp9x Hoilett, has won the most compared to his other teammates. He currently holds $ 1.4 million and is only 23 years old!

Astralis is unbeaten in its last 29 games on Nuke! In LAN tournaments, the team hasn’t dropped a game on it since February 2018. These days we hardly see Astralis playing on it since their opponents continue to ban it. The team has also established another win streak on Inferno, where, since November 2018, it has won 18 games in a row.

Dev1ce For The Win

Nikolay device Ridtts is absolutely phenomenal when it comes to winning the MVP medals. In his exceptional career, the Dane has claimed 13 awards. The nearest competitor – Christopher GeT_RiGhT Ålesund and Kenni kennyS Shraba have won 10 MVP title each. While Alexander s1mple Kostyleva has claimed 9. Ridtts also set a record for the most medals MVP for the year – in 2018, after winning the award in seven tournaments. The previous achievement is six awards belonged to GeT_RiGhT. All five team members entered the top 20 players in 2018. Device became the second, dupreeh – the fifth, Magisk – the seventh, gla1ve – the eighth, and Xyp9x took the 13th place.

The team is supported by the Prime Minister of Denmark, Lars Löcke Rasmussen. In April, he congratulated them on winning the Dreamhack Major. In October, the mayor of Copenhagen invited the players of Astralis to a holiday dedicated to the sporting achievements of Denmark.

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