7.22 patch winners of buff and nerf


After a few days of the released of 7.22 patch, we’ve seen a lot of player are changing their pick and style of play. Some take this advantages of the update and spoil it in every way they can. Let’s have a look at some of the heroes who we believe are the winners of the patch 7.22.

(1) Alchemist

Alchemist is our winner of the patch since with each Scepter that he gives to his teammates, he will get 30+ Damage and 6% Spell Amp.We already told you that the games are going to be quite longer with the introduction of the patch 7.22. So Alchemist is is going to have a very popular in the game.

Firstly since every hero can now equip Scepter meaning that you can easily give it to all your teammates. Secondly, if Alchemist consumes one Scepter and give one each to four other teammates, then mathematically, he will have  +150 Damage and +30% Spell Amplification. So this makes him a true winner of the patch.

Alchemist in 7.22 from r/DotA2

(2) Anti-Mage

With the Scepter if you get a kill with Mana Void, AM’s ultimate. Then it will add 70 seconds to the longest cooldown ability of the enemy hero. Moreover, the cooldown with initiate after the enemy respawns. Lastly, 1 second of stun duration is also added to the ultimate.

He is one of the best heroes to get a Scepter, since he can easily get the 4100 gold owing to his fast farming. The players will now be going for Scepter instead of the Moon Shard as their 7th item. To put is as an example, just think if you kill an enemy Enigma with Mana Void. The cooldown of the Black Hole will increase from 160 to 230 seconds. That’s honestly a game changer. We believe that the Scepter on AM will be a highly situational item. Yet it is capable of turning the game in your team’s favor with a single ultimate.

When Anti-Fun keeps targeting you… from r/DotA2

(3) Chaos Knight

The Knight gets decent buffs on its Chaos Bolt ability. The minimum and the maximum damage has been buffed. The minimum stun duration of the ability has also be increased on early levels. Meanwhile, the talents of maximum stun duration have also been buffed. But to compensate for all these buffs the ability gets a longer cooldown on early levels.

The Chaos Knight is a very popular hero in the competitive landscape, since he either gets picked on banned in all pro games. These changes will only boost his popularity. The level three minimum stun duration boost is a big change that will make the hero kills his opponent easily in 1v1 match up. Meanwhile, the buff to minimum damage means that he is now relatively stronger in the laning phase.

(4) Dark Willow

The added Scepter makes Dark Willow able to attack the enemies without breaking the Shadow Realm. Moreover each attack will have more damage as the duration of the ability increases.

This a is good change for the hero. Since Willow is amongst the heroes with the lowest base attack in the game. Yet its attack rate is still pretty fast, with a Scepter you will get the best of both worlds, making you more relevant in the late game.

We couldn’t cover all the heroes in one article so let’s have a further look at the buffed heroes of 7.22.

Faceless Void

Void receives a +3 boost in his strength gain. His level 10 talent will now +12 strength instead of +10. On level 15 Time Walk cooldown reduction has been improved from -1 to -1.5. Lastly on level 20 the attack speed has been bosted from +40 to +45.

We didn’t get much fancy changes for the  Void. All we got are some decent buffs, which could make him able to get more farm faster. In the pro games, OG’s Ana and PSG.LGD’s

Ame showed that Void is a very good pick now. We expect the hero to be a very popular pick not just at the TI9 but in the upcoming ESL Birmingham 2019 and the Starladder Minor.


Valve has increased the base damage of the hero by 3. They also reduced the Exort attack damage per instance. In the talent tree department, the contact damage of Chaos Meteor has been increased by 10. Lastly at level 20, Alacrity damage has also been give a +10 buff.

The increase in base damage will correlate well with the damage reduction to Exort. Yet this is only a problem, if you are playing the EEE invoker. Yet for all other builds the damage output of the hero has been increased. Meanwhile, the buff to Alacrity and Chaos Meteor mans that the Exort invoker may very well make its way back to the pro scene.

Io and Mars

Io and Mars are in the winners category just by their addition to the Captains Mode. Since they are coming to the pro scene without getting any nerfs. This is a huge plus point for Io. At the same time both of them get Scepter upgrades which might be more of a situational pick. We believe that in the next few tournaments, we are likely to see the duo getting banned in the first phase of the drafts.

Keeper of the Light

The 7.22 Scepter upgrade enables Kotl to Illuminate without the need of channeling. It still provides the same heal bonus, which is a big buff. You can now cast Chakra Magic one the enemies, forcing them to lose their mana on movement and it lasts for 5 seconds.

In the 7.22 Aghs on Kotl was quite useless yet it was still picked by the players. So the no channeling will make the item useful again on the hero. The hero can also pick it from Roshan so it means that you won’t have to spend long time farming the item. We also suggest that Kotl is now an incredible pick if you are not playing against Night Stalker. Since you can easily push the without without the changeling time.

The Chakra Magic is similar to the Mana Leak ability of the old days. But on testing we conclude it is not as effective, yet it is a great tool to harass the likes of Medusa and Wraith King.

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