GAMING | ESUKAN League of Legends 9.10 Patch arrives in League of Legends

9.10 Patch arrives in League of Legends


Riot Games has released patch 9.10 for League of Legends main client. Let’s have a look at the major changes of the latest patch:

Yuumi arrives on the main client

After getting so much a attention in the past weeks, Yummi finally arrives in the Summoner’s Rift. We believe that the champion is quite unique and have the capabilities of becoming a solid support.

She holds an incredible skill set which includes using her own spells and also attaching itself to the allies to boost their abilities. He skill boost the AD or AP damage depending on the type of allies she is attached to.

In the meantime, she not only heals herself but also her teammates. She will take time to learn since it is not like any other champion in the game. So you might love her of hate here but she is here in League of Legends.

Master Yi

It goes without saying that Master Yi is one of the oldest champions of the game and he is a solid candidate for a full rework. Yet before something like that happens, Riot is introducing some changes to the champion to keep the community happy.

The developer has removed the cast time on his W and Q abilities. This will allow the players to hit the same target twice, without directing to the next target. This might seem insignificant change but could prove to be clinical in the ranked games. Since this makes

Master Yi even more explosive than ever before and would make the champion a solid pick in the lower tier queues.

AD Items

For the past few months AD items were very decent and balanced. Yet Riot is still trying to make some tweaks with the latest patch.

The developer has decided to focus on Essence Reaver and Guinsoo’s Rageblade. The Reaver was not a popular pick in competitive and ranked games so the developers have decided to give it a small buff od 5+ AD.

No other changes for the item were introduced, this indicates the intentions of the developer are pure.

Meanwhile, the Ragebalde also gets a boost of three hits. Yet, its armour penetration will now be constant at 15% instead of scaling based on your level.

Aster talking about Buffs and changes, lets have a look at some nerfs of the patch 9.10. This time the developer has decided to focus on the Runes. The Conqueror is a very popular pick in the game since its arrival.

Riot has made some tweaks every now and then to slightly nerf its power but nothing worked. So, in the 9.10, the developer decided to take a direct shot at it.

They reduced the amount of damage you deal against a champion by 10 percent while Riot Games changed the healing mechanism to eight percent. So the developer couldn’t be any more straightforward with a 2% nerf.

We believe that the rune is still good but will now be the first choice pick for some of the champions in the game.

Source: Esports Junkie Feed

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