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Apex Legends, New patch arrives


Apex Legends received a new update last night and the patch notes are available on Reddit. The purpose of the update is to improve the in game performance, and quality of hitboxes. The update also contains a temporary fix for Intel CPU crashes and also focuses audio issues.

Apex Legends, Battle Royale was developed by Respawn Entertainment and EA Games. The title is available for free download for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The game received its first Season in March and adopts a Fortnite model, where each season lasts about three months and is packed with cosmetic items and skins for players.

Improvements in Performance

The new update brings optimizations in two important areas of Apex, audio and stability. Missing, distorted or out-of-sync sounds were common in the game. The bug affected important sound effects like enemy footsteps. Developers have introduced an improved version of the audio engine to mitigate these issues.

The famous crashes that plagued players since the release of the game were also acknowledged by Respawn. The latest patch provides a temporary solution to problems with Intel CPUs that previously did not function correctly. The company notified Intel of the failure.

Finally, the developers also fixed some inaccuracies in Apex’s hit boex. SInce some players had a tough time with inaccurate shots that targeted them. According to the patch notes, problems with the Internet connection may have an impact on this issue, and developers have refined the connection indicators within the game.

Bug from Gibraltar

The update fixes a bug involving the Gibraltar. The error allowed equipment such as Caustic barrels and Octane jump pads to be coupled to the tank shell. The developers conceded that the bug was fun, but also acknowledged that  it could be used to gain an unfair advantage over competitors.

The pads, for example, allowed Gibraltar to move at high speed through the map, and the barrels forced enemies to fight inside the scientist’s dangerous Nox Gas.

Recently on Reddit, fans of Apex Legends offered game developers to introduce an “honor system” – an additional feature in the profile that can be “pumped”, receiving praise from teammates after the match.

According to users, such a system could be a good incentive to interact with teammates. It should also help reduce the “level of toxicity” in the communication of players.

This is not at all a bad idea. Since such features are quite popular in most successful eSports titles like Dota 2, League of Legends and Overwatch. Since Apex is in dire need of new features they should definitely pick this idea from the fans.

This title has the potential to become one of the best games in the world. Yet the lack of content and bugs haunts its success. Lets see these fixes could change the opinion of the fans. But we are still confident that new bugs will surely pop up in a few days still the game still needs major improvements.

Source: Esports Junkie Feed

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