Apex Legends Streamer banned from Twitch

Screengrab via Twitch Drama/YouTube

Apex Legends streamer, Lyndon “LyndonFPS” Lauder was permanently banned from Twitch TV on the weekend.

Lyndon, who is Apex player for Spacestation Gaming, was punished by the platform after streaming while being drunk. With a glass of beer on the table, the player slept sitting in his chair and almost 500 people watched it live. The broadcast was quickly shut down by the platform and Lyndon was suspended.

In the afternoon of the same day, Lyndon confirmed in his Twitter that the suspension is final. His biography on Twitter is still listed as a “Spacestation player and Twitch partner”, though his name is no longer on the organization’s streamers page. It is not known if his name was removed from the site, or if it was ever there in the first place.

The broadcast that resulted in Lyndon’s ban, all related clips and VODs were removed from Twitch. When searching for the player’s name on YouTube , however, it is possible to find several videos where he appears angry, screaming, breaking keyboards and drinking.

Twitch community guidelines prohibit self-destructive behavior, defined it as an attitude that could endanger the streamer’s life and can lead to physical harm. Illegal and dangerous consumption of alcoholic beverages is also enlisted among the prohibited activities.

It’s not the first time a pro player has been banned from Twitch because of problems with live drinks. In January of this year, the Smash Bros. Melee Joseph “Mang0” Marquez also disregarded the rules of the platform by celebrating the Philadelphia Eagles’ NFL Finals victory. When he lifted the beer to the top, Mang0 fell from his chair, staying out of the camera reaches for about three minutes. The case led the player to be banned for seven days.

Source: Esports Junkie Feed