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‘Peaky Blinders’ VR video game confirmed for 2020

Players will be able to "interact and collude with much-loved characters in real time" as part of the virtual reality experience

Adegan cameo di belakang tabir Stan Lee akan dikeluarkan – Marvel Studios

Stan lee merupakan seorang penulis komik yang sangat terkenal kerana hasil kerjanya seperti Spiderman, Iron Man, Black Panther dan banyak lagi yang dipopularkan oleh Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Teases New Specialist: Spectre to be Released April 30

In a tweet from the official Call of Duty account, Activision and Treyarch teased a new Specialist character and ability for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4: Spectre

Dota 2: The Official Dates for The International 2019 Have Been Confirmed

Vici Gaming posted a news article about the dates for The International 2019 a few days. However, today, those dates have been officially confirmed by Valve through their Twitter account.

New League of Legends champion leaked

Last night, social networks caught fire with the new images of a wizard kitten named Yuumi, who will become the new champion in League of Legends. It is assumed that Yummi will specialize in the role of support mage.

Avengers limited time mode arrives in Fortnite 8.50 update

Epic Games released the patch notes for Fortnite Update 8.50. You can play the new patch after today’s downtime. The servers are probably offline for a few hours, depending on the region you are playing in.

LCS players are earning more than $300,000 on average

t the GamesBeat Summit in Los Angeles, California the duo disclosed that the average salary of the LCS athlete is US$300,000. This just proves how far the competitive landscape of LOL has established itself.

Blizzard announces its own Creative Mode

Blizzard has added a workshop to Overwatch. It is a script editor that allows users to create new game modes and share them with friends. The workshop is already available on the test server, and in the future, all players on the PC and consoles will get access to it.

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Ti9 Final Day: Team Liquid ke pentas Grand Final benam PSGLGD

[#Dota2] [#ti9] Hari terakhir di The International 9 menawarkan 2 perlawanan iaitu Final Lower Bracket dimana pasukan Team Liquid bertemu dengan pasukan tuan rumah PSG.LGD. Pasukan OG Esports pula telah menempah tempat di Grand Final.

Ti9: Team Secret – Midone tersingkir, Team Liquid TOP 3

[#DOTA2] [#TI9] Siri terakhir di hari ke 5, Team Liquid menang bersih 2-0 keatas Team Secret menandakan perjalanan pemain negara Midone juga berakhir.

[VIDEO] Void Spirit: Hero Dota 2 Baru | The Fifth Spirit?

[#Dota2] Valve memperkenalkan hero baru diantara pertarungan diantara Team Secret vs Team Lquid. Nama hero yang dikenalkan adalah Void Spirit.

[VIDEO] Snapfire hero Dota 2 yang baharu !

[#Dota2] Valve memberikan video teaser untuk hero baru yang akan ditambahkan kedalam kolam hero Dota 2. Nama diberi adalah Snapfire.