Fortnite Season 9 summarized notes

Fortnite received Season 9 this morning on the PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch and, mobile platforms of Android and iPhone. This time around,...

Season 9 Fortnite – Overview – All you need to know

Fortnite” Season 9 launched on May 9 - OVERVIEW

Fortnite Season 9 release date announced

Season 9 is all set to arrive in Fortnite. Through a recent Twitter post, the developers of Epic Games announced that the launch of the new season will take place this week.

Streamers continue to struggle in Fortnite World Cup qualifiers

Some of the streamers displayed impressive performances compared to the past weeks.

Fortnite: “Tfue” Slams Banned Player After Accusations of his Performance

Fortnite professional “Tfue” slams banned player after accusations come rolling in after his performance in the World Cup Qualifier on May 4th.

Players are experiencing weird bugs in Fortnite yet again

In Fortnite Battle Royale, the new item “Shadow Bomb” is likely to get banned.

Fortnite competitive news in a nutshell

In the last 24 hours, Epic Games made a strong verdict against the cheaters, XXiF and his friends

Boston Red Sox bans Fortnite

One of the major franchises of the baseball league has officially called it quits on Fortnite.

Epic Games acquires Rocket League Dev Psyonix, Rocket League to become Epic Store Exclusive

Epic Games has announced the acquisition of San Diego-based Rocket League developer Psyonix.

Reboot Vans return for Fortnite World Cup Qualifiers

The Reboot Vans makes its return to the tournament and Arena mode of Fortnite.

Another player get accused of cheating during Fortnite World Cup qualifiers

The Fortnite World Cup qualifiers are off to a rocky start. Since less than 24 hours ago, the community accused a player of cheating in the first phase of the competition.

Epic is making harsh decisions for the players

The professional players and streamers of Fortnite are not happy at all. It is no secret that Epic Games has a clear recipe for maintaining such a huge player base that surrounds its battle-royale.

Latest news

SEAMonkeys | MidOne, Ninjaboogie cipta pasukan baru bersama pemain DotaHero

Midone, Ninjaboogie bersama dengan dua pemain DotaHero Zeal dan Chidori akan sertai pusingan kelayakan Leipzig Major dengan pasukan baru - SEAMonkeys.

Penantian berakhir, Kuroky kini kembali sebagai Nigma Esports

Juara The International 7, Kuroky kembali ke pentas profesional Dota 2 untuk musim baru DPC 2019-2020 sebagai Nigma Esports.

Gen G Esports julang juara dunia PUBG Global Championship 2019

[#PUBG] Gen G Esports dijulang sebagai juara dunia PUBG apabila memenangi kejohanan PUBG Global Championship 2019 sebentar tadi.

TNC Predator Juara MDL Chengdu Major | Mata ke TI10 kini bermula

TNC Predator juara MDL Chengdu Major, kalahkan pasukan tuan rumah VICI Gaming 3-1 tanda perjalanan mata DPC ke Ti10 kini bermula. 

Miracle, Kuroky, Mind_Control, GH dan W33 !

Bekas pemain kelab Team liquid Miracle, Mind_Control, Kuroky, GH dan juga W33 acah akan kembali ke pentas profesional Dota 2 tidak lama lagi.

Mushi – Yamateh bersatu, Dendi kembali untuk Leipzig Major!

Mushi dan Yamateh tubuh pasukan baru manakala lagenda Dota 2 Dendi kembali bersama pasukan rantai CIS untuk Leipzig Major!

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TNC Predator Juara MDL Chengdu Major | Mata ke TI10 kini bermula

TNC Predator juara MDL Chengdu Major, kalahkan pasukan tuan rumah VICI Gaming 3-1 tanda perjalanan mata DPC ke Ti10 kini bermula. 

Invictus Gaming Juara Dota Summit 11, kejohanan Minor DPC pertama benam Chaos EC 3-0

Invictus Gaming juara Dota Summit 11 - kejohanan DPC pertama musim baru Dota 2 semalam selepas membenam Chaos EC 3-0 di pentas akhir.

SentrumMY At Level Up KL | Hari Ke 2

Kejohanan Dota 2 Predator, Mobile Legends Bang Bang, Pubg Mobile, Fifa20 2v2 anjuran Gamesbond, Magic The Gathering dan banyak lagi guys!

Level Up KL | Konvensyen untuk para gamers!

Majlis Perasmian Level Up KL Biz 2019 hari ini yang diadakan di Connexion Conference & Event Centre, umum pembukaan Larian Studios dan banyak lagi.

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Overwatch | Team Malaysia akan berentap untuk SEA Invitational Esok

Team Malaysia (Overwatch) akan berentap di Sea Invitational yang dibawakan khas untuk pasukan Overwatch yang akan bertanding di peringkat awal Overwatch World Cup sebelum BlizzCon 2019.

TNC Predator bukti rantau SEA bukan calang-calang! | Juara ESL One Hamburg

TNC Predator menjuarai kejohanan ESL One Hamburg semalam selepas kalahkan pasukan underdog rantau CIS Gambit Esports 3-2 didalam siri best of 5.

The most successful player in League of Legends

The best League of Legends player in the world, Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok have had his fair share of troubles in the past 1.5 years. His team, SK Telecom T1 lost to Samsung Galaxy in the grand finale of the 2017 Worlds.