Chaos EC Dota 2 roster complete – with a (Malaysian) vtFaded – Matumbaman duo

vtfaded - Photo ESL

Malaysian Dota 2 stars vtFaded joins Chaos EC as the team made the announcement today in their official twitter account today. Matumbaman joins the team a few days earlier with Misery, Khezu and Milan to completed the team.

Its exciting as we got another Malaysian to play alongside All-star in the worlds eyes. We got Midone, Ahfu, xnova a few more already made their name as among the best dota 2 player in the world.

vtFaded is not a new name in the Dota 2 scene, as we can see he played alongside Malaysian Legend Winter in Power of My+SgAu in the EPICENTER SEA Qualifier.

VtFaded play as a core player for the team and played straight 11 game in one day just to lose to Fnatic in the finals of the qualifiers. In the other hand TNC already secured the spot in the Major.

vtFaded will played alongside Matumbaman, recently kick by Team Liquid to proceed in the Major with W33 as core player.

Chaos EC does not made any announcement whether he will played as pos 1 or 2 in the team but more likely he will be core player.

Wohoo! another Malaysian in the eyes of the world! Lets GO our ESPORTS Athletes!