DOTA 2: Most prominent changes of 7.22


We had to wait for a long time for the 7.22 patch. The last update, 7.11 we received was back in January so we can expect tons of change with 7.22. Yet to our surprise the game has completely changed. Just to give you a hint, all the heroes of the game have been given Aghanim’s Scepter. This means that now this item will modify the ability of every hero in the game. Moreover, now it a can also be consumed for 2000 gold. Apart from this there are plenty of changes that have made a big impact on the game. Lets have comprehensive look at each change of the game.

Plenty of Roshan changes

A consumable Septer is now dropped by Roshan. When you kill Roshan for the third time, then there’s 50/50 probability that you will either get a Refresher Shard of Septer. The fourth Roshan will drop both. You can now select Roshan to see his inventory and find out which items it will drop.

We really don’t know what to say about this change. It will have a great impact on the draft and you will have to think twice before picking your heroes. For some heroes, like Tinker the Scepter drop will be of more benefit then the Refresher drop. Overall the possible Scepter drop on the third Roshan will provide more options for all the heroes.

The Scepter will also boost stars and will stay forever on the the hero. In the late game the fourth Roshan kill will enforce the balance of power. Since it will drop a consumable Aghanim’s Scepter, Refresher Shard, Cheese and Aegis. These four drops will be enough to get your team the much needed win. Other changes should push the game to late stage. So prepare yourself seeing plenty of Roshan kills in the game from now on.

Io and Mars added to Captains Mode

We knew that sooner or later, Mars will make its way to the competitive landscape. We will love to see him in the TI9. Before that we won’t be surprised to see pro teams testing Mars in the Starladder Minor, EPICENTER Major and the upcoming ESL One Birmingham.

Io has also joined Mars and made its way back to the CM mode without getting a single Nerf. Many pro players have complained that Io is just to OP in the game. So we won’t be surprised to see Io getting banned in the first phase of the drafting phase.

Deny XP granted to the enemy increased from 35% to 40%

In January the exp granted to the enemy was buffed from 25% to 35%. Now the developer has further boosted it to 40%. So this means that if you are losing your lane in 7.22 by constantly getting creeps denied from the enemy, you won’t that much of an experience. You will still get behind in gold, but will not have a much gape when it comes to levels. We believe that the offlane will do just fine from now on, while the mid lane will mostly suffer from this change.

Killstreak XP bounty increased

This is possibly the best change of the game. Since now you will get a huge experience boost when you get a kill. This will surely encourage teams to make early game rotations and take on fights. Meanwhile, it will also improve chances of comebacks in the late game. So we should see some exciting games in the upcoming tournaments.

Multiple Siege creeps changes

Instead of 30 minutes, two units of Siege creeps will now spawn at 35 minute mark. Also the the siege creeps can no longer be converted, enchanted or dominated.
Both of these changes mean that the length will increase. We believe that Valve and IceFrog have finally realized that TI will only be entertaining if the games last longer.

In the past competitions like TI4 were not very exciting to watch since the games lasted for very short intervals. While memories of TI8 are still fresh since it had very long game with tons of remarkable comebacks. In 7.22, if a team manages to win a teamfight around the same time a double siege creep spawns then can quickly wreck havoc on the opposition’s page.

Delaying the double siege wave by 5 minutes, mean that the team will now player slower. They will also look to draft late game lineups for this purpose. Moreover, the inability to convert the Siege creeps is a big blow to the items like Helm of Dominator. They will also reduce the effectiveness of heroes like Chen and Enchantress. We believe that Kuroky raking racks at the 12the minute mark against EG at MDL Disneyland® Paris might have encouraged this change to siege creeps. Now Secret and Kuro will have to think of another way to play aggressive in 7.22.

Tower changes

The damage of the Tier 3+ towers has been increased by 20. The developer has been increased aura armor bonus by one of the Tier 1 and Tier 2 towers. Lastly the most exciting change is the multishot attack of the towers when glyph get activated. It will cast ranged attacks to two nearby targets.

This change is a lot like the patch 7.00 when pushing the high ground was hard with the introduction of active shrines. Now sieging will be quite difficult and plays an awesome role in pushing the games to late stage. The boost in armour aura make it a bit difficult for the teams to make early ganks.

The increase in tower damage and the introduction of multishot will make teams think twice before engaging in the high ground push.
Overall this makes things quite interesting and will completely change the meta of the game. These changes along with the Scepter update will make things a lot more exciting in the International 9.

Source: Esports Junkie Feed