DOTA 2: Reality in SA Region according to Inf.Papita


Infamous has recently made changes to its roster and just holds one SA player, Papita. While the rest of the side is composed of player from EU. Papita has recently shared his view on Facebook that why he has made this move of kicking South American players. Let’s have a look at the summary of the post.

Laziness and emotional instability

The player didn’t want to point any fingers. So in the post, the leader of infamous say that pro players in SA don’t care about a practice routine. The players hate to be understand that, everyone needs to train with a proper schedule in order to compete with the best and learn about the meta of the game.

He further goes on to say that, the players are too emotional. All it takes is a defeat or a bad day to give up on their competitive ambitions and they decide to look for new rosters. Papita believes that SA players are not will to fight and surrender to easily. He further goes on to say that the player compete without a proper goal in their mind.

Language barrier

In the Facebook post he say that many top players have been given the opportunity to compete in other countries. Yet they couldn’t accept the offers since many of them don’t know how to speak English. He also says that the players are quite satisfied and happy by just qualifying for Major or Minors and finishing dead last.

Match fixing

The worst aspect of the competitive landscape of SA competitive Dota is match fixing. Over the years Valve has served lifetime bans to many players of the region. Yet Papita reveals that the players are satisfied to “earn” their living by getting involved in these prohibited activities.

Boycotting teams with non-SA players

He further reveals that after making changes to the roster, the SA don’t want to compete with Infamous. The reason behind the boycott is simply because the side don’t like the players competing in Infamous. Moreover, he also say that the SA teams that end up competing with the side, share the strategies of the practice game with others.

Papita end the post by making an announcement that his SA side will set up a boot camp in Europe a week before the EPICENTER. The team will be aiming to practice with some of the best EU sides.

Against all odds, Infamous miraculously qualified for the EPICENTER 2019, the last Major of the season. They are all set and prepared to compete in Moscow, Russia to make shocking run and secure enough DPC points for the qualification for the TI9. The competition will kick off from 22nd June and will end on the 30th. Top 16 teams in the world will compete for the lion’s share of the 15,000 DPC points and  $1,000,000 prize pool.

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