DR Disrespect Ban from twitch because of this?


[VIDEO] A few things streamer can, and cannot do while they’re streaming. One of things they cant do is walk into private place like a bathroom that make someone’s personal space feel like been invaded.

“During Dr Disrepect’s first-ever IRL (in real life) stream from E3 he broadcast himself walking around the venue, checking out booths, talking to fans, and walking into a public bathroom while streaming.” VPESPORTS

Dr Disrespect is no longer needed an introduction in Twitch Universe as he is the “Twitch Faces” some might say. But it did not stop Twitch to ban anyone including Dr Disrespect if he violate any terms and conditions by Twitch.

Kotaku reported that Dr Disrespects’s E3 Badge revoked as well.

Celebrity streamer like Ninja also shares his thought on this.

The Doc himself does not made made any official statement about this matter.

A lot of people in the community are understandable and agree with the situation, what do you guys think?