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Epic Games caught over 1000 cheaters during Fortnite World Cup


Epic Games blocked 1,163 accounts during qualifiers at the Fortnite World Cup. Most players were banned from participating in tournament games for 14 days. This was announced by the developers on the official website.

Too Many Cheaters

196 banned players were the winners of the online qualifiers. These players will now lose all their progress and will be unable to compete in the next phase. The developer banned 48 accounts for sharing their account details. While eight players were banned for cooperating with members of other teams. One player was banned for using SP cheats and he received a life ban. According to Epic Games, he only played for five minutes and after that, he was detected an caught by the anti-cheat algorithm. One of the accounts received a ban for deliberate disconnection from the match. He did so to prevent the opponent from earning points. Epic has suspended the player from participation in tournament games for 72 hours.

In the announcement, the developers also reported that: If the blocked players tried to make new accounts, then they will receive lifetime bans. The next round of qualifiers for the Fortnite World Cup will take place on April 21st. Players will compete for slots in the LAN finals, which will take place from July 26 to 28 in New York. The prize fund of the tournament will be $ 40 million.

Hackers Helping Fortnite

The developer of cheats for Fortnite under the nickname AspectDolphin, recently made an interesting statement. The hacker believes that a professional player bought the prohibited software before the start of qualifiers at the Fortnite World Cup. According to him, one of the buyers is Dubs fn, who finished second in the American qualifiers. fn won $ 3.5 thousand and got a ticket to the Fortnite World Cup in New York.

AspectDolphin said that a month before the start of qualifiers for the world championship. He sold cheats to a player with the nickname RDubs. Shortly thereafter, another Fortnite user recorded a video in which he accused Dubs fn of using aim-lock. The developer of cheats is sure that RDubs and Dubs fn are the same person. For now, the player has denied all the accusations.

Dubs got outed by Aspect Dolphin from r/FortniteCompetitive

According to AspectDolphin, he has already handed over all the information to Epic Games. The developer explained his actions by saying that cheats were not intended for eSports tournaments. He decided to reveal the names of the cheaters because he does not want to harm the competitive scene Fortnite.

Let’s see if Fortnite anti-cheat caught Dubs fn. The use of cheats is a major problem that haunts the battle royale genre. The developers of these titles really need to establish major countermeasures to discourage this practice. Valve and Riot have successfully removed this plague for their respective MOBA titles. Now the battle royale genre need to find solutions fast before their competitive scene die.

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