EPICENTER Dota 2 Major 2019 group stage – results and Playoff


EPICENTER Major day 1 and day 2 group stage have finish and its looking good for top tier team except Evil Geniuses. EG group stage not looking good after shocking lose 2-0 to underdog team Gambit.

Day 1 group stage for group A and group B looks pretty normal except for underdog team Royal Never Giveup and Gambit which had an impressive run. RNG secures the win of 2-1 with Fnatic – the SEA giants on the opening match, lose 2-0 to Secret (pretty normal) and beat down 2-0 against Fnatic in the decider match.

EG in the other hand lock down Infamous 2-0 in the opening match, whereas Liquid beat Gambit 2-1 at the same time. Liquid with the new roster – W33 in the midlane secures 2-1 against Evil Geniuses in the winners match. EG lose 2-0 to gambit in deciders match shocks the community as EG is one of the top tier in the current DPC standings.

Day 2 includes group C and group D – Virtus Pro the home team shocks the hometown fans as they lose 2-0 to the Swedish team Alliance and PSG.LGD lose to Minor Champs NIP 2-1. TNC in the other hand also secure 2-1 against OG with many mistakes made by OG in the game.

Vici Gaming – China giants secure top of the table while SEA giants secured top of group D table! its impressive because they beat LGD, OG and NIP !

With that, ends of group stage and below are the playoff table:

Upper Bracket Playoff

Lower Bracket Playoff

What do you think about the group stage?