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EPICENTER- How one Blackhole change the game

Tims, Xnova - Phot Epicenter.GG

Epicenter have come to the last day with the remaining team – Team Liquid, Virtus Pro and grand finalist VIci Gaming. However, yesterday match between TNC Predator and Psg.Lgd game 2 is one of the greatest “MonkaS’ match in Dota 2 history

It started with TNC Predator winning the 1st match. We can say that a few mistake on the drafting phase lose the match for PSG.LGD.

TNC.Kuku Dark Seer perform very well with an aggressive TNC.Tims Spirit Breaker crush down PSG.LGD. Pressice vacuum wall combo by TNC.Kuku is insane give TNC an advantage in every 5 man war.

Game 2 is one of the greatest comeback as TNC lose in the laning phase hard.

PSG.LGD XnoVa played as Vengeful Spirit which cost a lot of trouble to TNC.Tims Enigma until Tims finish his lincorn sphere. Vengeful spirit can cancel Enigma Blackhole even Enigma had a BKB, Lincon Sphere is the Only way.

After this one blackhole, it change the pace of the game for TNC as before the war, TNC had a hard time even to play outside of their base.

TNC.Tims highly performance with Enigma just secure the Game 2 for TNC.

it was an intense game as TNC comeback in the game and big one of CHinese biggest Dota 2 Team PSG.LGD with a clean 2-0 series

Unfortunately in the next series, TNC find themselves in the same ring with the home team Virtus.Pro.

They lose badly to Virtus.Pro as TNC try to make the same strategy giving TNC.Tims the Engima. But Virtus.Pro Captain Solo counter it hard with a Silencer.

It was a great day for TNC to finish top among others dota 2 team with the newly pointed coach Heen former Team Liquid COach they seems improved in so many way.

Goodluck to TNC in The International 9.