EPICENTER – Little Brother is out, Big brother still in the Major, EG is out!


Evil Geniuses is out from EPICENTER when they lose to OG last night in Best of 1 Lower Bracket Playoff, and to make it worse, OG play with a stand-in without their captain BidDaddy.Notail.

Evil Geniuses lose to OG was not an easy game for OG but more likely a fair fight and a very close game.

OG.Ceb play with the Nature Prophet just make it harder for Evil Geniuses. Always sidelines push and backdoor the hell out of EG base is insane too handle. When 5 man war, OG however always make EG plays scattered and not in sync is one of the reason Evil Geniuses called the GG and out of the Major.

OG game play also not in the best performance but EG plays looks like they are not played together in months. It is a sad event for Evil Geniuses fan.

Forward Gaming in the other hand crush the hell out of Fnatic in the best of 1 lower bracket. It is shocking as Fnatic with the leadership of Dota 2 legend IceIceIce and core player such as Abed and MP can lose with such a bad result.

Forward Gaming ends the games in 30 minutes with 36-1 scored!!

In the Other hand, Team Liquid continues to shine as they are in the Upper bracket finals with Vici Gaming.

Below are the surviving team in the Lower Bracket for the playoff:

Who do you guys root for?