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EPICENTER – Story of a man with a one shot Roshan kill


Epicenter Dota 2 Major ends with spectacular best of 5 series between Team Liquid and Vici Gaming. Vici Gaming wins the Championship after game 5 with 3-2 series and brings home $350000!

Vici Gaming Champion – Photo Epicenter.GG

Insane game play showed by both team and many highlight can be shown, but we want to talk about one man, who one punch the hell out of Roshan.

Game 4 in the series with score 2-1 in favor of Vici Gaming, Team Liquid feel the pressure as they one game behind. If VG wins the game, meaning they go home as Champion with 350000 US dollars.

If you can see the draft, last pick Puck for Liquid.W33 are not so convincing but Team Liquid had a planned for their carry player – Miracle with the Arc Warden pick.

The early laning stage is horrible for Team Liquid as they lose most of the lane, and beaten down hard in the mid game.

Moving towards late game, they are surrounded in their base as Vici Gaming make sure the map controlled are in their favor.

But Vici Gaming game play are taking too long to end the game as Arc Warden played by Miracle grows stronger. Until the Arc Warden at some point of a time even kill Vici Gaming offlaner Doom just with an illusion. Thats a bad sign.


It started when Miracle Arc Warden reach level 25 talent, where he took the +350 Spark Wraith Damage, with an arcane runes.

He spam the Spark Wraith in the Roshan pit with his Tempest Double almost 20 plus cast and you guys know what happens next.

Not even 1 second, Roshan falls with the a little bit help form Liquid.Gh Phoenix.

After almost 65 minutes of game, Team Liquid secures the game after crazy huge fight in the dire tier 3 tower. Buyback spend both team but Vici Gaming lose their way and miscalculated the buyback usage.

It cost the game for Vici Gaming as W33 Tp’ed to the radiant mid tier 4 and kill the Warlock before ending the game with a Desolator in hand.

After all, its a very “MonkaS” and exciting game as these top tier team always deliver a different and crazy series. It shows that they never giveup no matter what happens even they are being bullied early game.

Also, congratulations to Liquid.Miracle for winning the MVP of the Tournament. GGWP

MIracle MVP – Photo Epicenter.GG

NEXT – TI9!!

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