EPICENTER – Team Secret is out, lose to a stand-in team – OG


Team Secret, currently no 1 Dota 2 team in DPC rankings lose to OG that played the series with their coach as a stand-in straight in a 2-0 series!

OG Captain Johan “N0tail” Sundstein coming to the tournament not feeling well and unfit to take the series therefore OG played with their coach Titouan “Sockshka” Merloz since.

OG take the 1st game after kind of lose in the laning stage with OG.Ceb offlane as a DarkSeer is bleeding through the trilane play by Puppey, YapZor and Nisha. Puppey Shadow Demon is being as annoying as possible to Ceb, making sure he’s gonna have a bad game.

But at the same time, Jerax Spirit Breaker and Topson Invoker level the experience gain from Ceb to their advantages. Secret.Midone is a very high skill mid player, but playing as Gyro that is more to technical safelane carry hero, plus without the support of IO doesn’t offer much to the team.

Team Secret called GG after just 26 minutes, with incredible play by one of OG.Topson signature hero Invoker.

Game two, Sockshka Jakiro stun more likely functions as Ceb Magnus RP.  The Ice Path and RP combo make sure the lock down to Team Secret a hard game to make a play with their own combo.

Team Secret different draft with a “kind of” two midlaner hero pick  which is Midone as Ember Spirit and Nisha as Templar Assassin not working out this time in. Ussually Puppey “Different” draft work out, not this time though.

Bkb piercing Magnus RP lock down two of Team Secret core almost securing a win in each war. If either Nisha or Midone RP’ed, the war more likely goes to OG’s way.

Team Secret called GG in 41 minutes with 37-15 scored.

OG knockout Team Secret secure them the spot in TI9. At the same time, TNC and Keen Gaming also secure the spot in TI9.