ESL One Birmingham Main Stage – Liquid, OG and VG are out


ESL One Birmingham main stage day one witnessed a bizarre event as Team Liquid, OG and Vici Gaming are out. Gambit ESports go through by knocking out Team Liquid and Vici Gaming in one day.

Team Liquid the TI7 champion with OG the TI8 champion are favorits of the tournament as they maintain an extraordinary performance in every tournament. including China giant VICI Gaming with the help of Dota 2 scene legend RotK also falls in day one of ESL One Birmingham.

Team Liquid get a rough game against Gambit Esports in game 1 as Afterlife sandking and Afoninje Queen of Pain played out of their mind with insanely plays everytime Liquid searching for 5 man war.

It all changes when Gambit’s Vasily “AfterLife” Shishkin as Sand King snatched the Aegis in the Roshan Pit.

Game two was a different story for the CIS team. They got utterly out drafted and crushed by Amer “Miracle-” Al-Barkawi’s Morphling in under 30 minutes, during which they landed only two kills. Game three brought an interesting switch in mentality for Gambit, who were confident to play once again against the Morphling, and even against Lasse Aukusti “MATUMBAMAN” Urpalainen’s signature mid-Broodmother.

The Brood was Liquid’s last pick to which Gambit responded with a Templar Assassin. The TA counter proved to be very efficient, Brood not only that couldn’t play the fast tempo she should have, but also lost her own tier one mid lane tower and was forced to more of a jungle farm to recover. Despite having an Aghanim’s Scepter, which now increases Broodmother’s Spin Web max count from 8 to 20, and movement speed bonus from 70 to 100%, Matumba still got in a lot of trouble as the entire Gambit was hunting him down continuously, up to the point where Liquid had to defend high ground, use all their buybacks, die back and watch Gambit rushing the throne. – DIV

In another Lower Bracket game as Team Secret take on OG the TI8 winner not as hard as Gambit take on Team Liquid.

Team Secret Easy 2-0 OG as OG seems lost both in their game with a lot of simple mistake that not suppose to be done in a such high level tournament.

Gambit Esports not only upset Team Liquid fan as they crush one of China biggest Dota 2 Team VICI Gaming. Alexander ‘Immersion’ Hmelevskoy insanely plays on Earth Spirit just 2-0 VICI Gaming sending the China Giant home.

Today we will see Upper Bracket game as PSG.LGD will face Evil Geniuses whereas Gambit Esports will face the winner between TNC Pro Team or Team Secret.