Evil Geniuses breaks the curse, LGD take on Secret


Evil Geniuses is in the Final, no more 3rd places curse

Evil Geniuses secure top 2 and a finalist slot at the ESL One Birmingham last night after they beat PSG.LGD thus they break the curse of being no 3 at all tournament.

EG always come in any tournament looking strong, and ESL One Birmingham is no other. as they secure 8-2 score in the group stage and beat SEA Giant TNC Predator and China’s best team PSG.LGD to secure a slot in the Final.

VPESPORTS comment on the game:

EG went into the first game on the back foot as the Chinese squad pushed them back around the map with a Queen of Pain and Sven at their helm. However, as the game progressed, EG started to fight back and while not having the best team fight ability, their pick-off potential payed off big. It took 40-minutes for the North Americans, but they opened the series with a victory, moving themselves one game away from the grand finals.

With revenge on their mind, EG took to the next game in an extremely strong way. LGD seemed to crumble under the pressure placed on them, making mistakes around the map and allowing EG to take a big early game lead. By the time the half an hour mark had come, EG were far out in front and it seemed as though there was no hope for LGD.

It did not take much longer for the GG call to come out as EG dominated their opponent and secured their spot in the grand finals of ESL One Birmingham 2019. PSG.LGD are not down and out just yet as they will have another shot to make it to the grand finals from the lower bracket.

With that, Evil Geniuses break the ‘curse of threes’ as they are now guaranteed a top two finish at the event.

Today is the Final day of ESL One Birmingham whereas Team Secret will take on PSG.LDG in the LB Final.

The winner will face EG in the Grand Final. Who you’ll think will win?