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Fortnite Season 9 release date announced


Season 9 is all set to arrive in Fortnite. Through a recent Twitter post, the developers of Epic Games announced that the launch of the new season will take place this week.

The specific date of the launch already fixed: Season 9 celebrates its premiere on May 9th. In a Reddit thread, Epic Games openly discuss the bug fixes and improvements planned for the upcoming patch. The developer has also highlighted that it will be focusing on audio optimizations and sound fixes in the new patch.

The specific date for the new season has already been decided: Fortnite will welcome season 9 on 9 May. Thursday. At the moment, we can only speculate what will be the new content of season 9. The message communicated via Twitter “The future is unknown” could point to a futuristic scene.

The same thing applies to the skin that Epic Games shows in a picture on the occasion of the announcement of Season 9. It’s very reminiscent of a cyber soldier.

We are confident that by Thursday evening we will know a lot more than we can expect from the patch. Shortly before the release of Fortnite Season 9, server downtime is expected. The exact downtime will be revealed soon to the community. In addition to new content, the patch also contains fresh bug fixes and optimizations.

Update 9.0 with audio optimizations

The Reddit of Epic Games already provides first insights into the patch notes to Fortnite Update 9.0. The highlight of the patch are the improvements to the audio of the survival shooter. There are optimizations for the switch version, which includes better audio for in-game items, and explosions.

For the following season, the developers promise improved sounds in the footsteps. The complete announcement of the expected improvements is available on Reddit. Epic Games will release the full changelog, with all changes in Fortnite Update 9.0 on Thursday.
Audio Content, Features, and Fixes for 9.0 Release from r/FortNiteBR

Audio Content, Features, and Fixes for 9.0 Release from r/FortNiteBR

Epic updates the seasons in Fortnite every three months. The last one started on February 28th and Epic devoted it to the pirate theme. The ninth season starts on May 9th. It will arrive with the release of a new battle pass and thematic cosmetic items.

Fortnite apologizes to the community

Some users of Fortnite could not participate in the “Unvaulting” event that took place on May 4th. The developers have reported that they will prepare a record of the event so that the players can watch it.

They also give the Arcana glider to all the people who couldn’t participate. Everyone will receive the glider who try to enter event mode but couldn’t join it. If the hang-glider is already in your collection, the developers will compensate by giving you V-bucks.

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