News From Dota 2 to Overwatch – a game comparison

From Dota 2 to Overwatch – a game comparison


In a world full of a variety of electronic games, it is sometimes difficult to spot which one is best fitting for you. This article is meant to educate some of the players migrating from Dota 2 to Overwatch, and vice versa.

Dota 2 and Overwatch have a few noticeable similarities that attract gamers from around the world. However there are aspects that make both games completely different.

Here is a list of the most important game similarities and differences.

Major similarities between Dota 2 and Overwatch

Competitive ladder

Both games have official leaderboards. This makes both Dota 2 and Overwatch a place that competitive players prefer. Measuring your skill, endurance and dedication to others is always something to strive for. The ultimate goal in both games is to improve and dominate the battlefield which will directly affect your ladder standing.

There are a few sites that track each player progress.

Dota 2 does not have an upper limit to the numerical rank (MMR) you can achieve, while the ultimate challenge in Overwatch is to get to the peak Top 500 ladder which can be easily obtainable with a few Overwatch top 500 boosting services.

PvP action

Both games are almost exclusively played for their Player vs. Player (PvP) modes. PvE in these games exists, but attracts much less players and is in general rarely used. Dota and Overwatch focus on direct battles between teams where only one team prevails.


Both games have a variety of heroes to choose from. Each of them serves a different role and has different pros and cons. Dota prevails in that aspect with a pool of over 110 heroes, while Overwatch currently has a cats of only 25 characters.


Your hero of choice in both games will have different abilities that require time to master to perfection. Using the abilities at the right time and place is game changing. Each ability has a cooldown that needs to be well measured and taken into consideration.

Team coordination

Overwatch heroes © Blizzard Entertainment

Dota 2 and Overwatch are team-based games. You rely on your teammates to a big extent. Navigating the map and communicating with each other is a big plus which can dramatically increase your chances of winning. Both games are a better fit for individuals with good teamwork skills, notwithstanding that individual skill is always beneficial.


In every team game, making the right decisions is vital. Leaders with good game knowledge are useful assets to any team in both Dota 2 and Overwatch. Coming up with a strategy for each match is a great start and if you manage to unite your allies and work as one you will most certainly end up with the Victory screen.

Major differences between Dota 2 and Overwatch


Biggest and most noticeable difference is the fact that these games are, obviously, not from the same genre. Dota is a RTS MOBA, while Overwatch is a Futuristic FPS.

This difference may be a deal breaker for many when deciding to switch from one game to another. Overwatch might turn out to be quite off-putting for Dota players, because it requires aiming and first person movement. However, you can test each game for a few hours or days, and in many cases you might be able to adjust to the new game style quite rapidly.

Game flow

The dynamics of Dota 2 and Overwatch are different. Dota revolves around massive team fights that occur every 5-10 minutes or so. Overwatch is action-packed and much more dynamic, you’ll almost constantly shoot at someone and fight for advantage.

Game progression

In Dota, you constantly develop your hero throughout games. You level it up and get better items that make you stronger in combats. In Overwatch, that aspect does not exist, you will never be more powerful than at the start of the game since you don’t farm, collect items or level up.

Dota 2 HTC Vive Dota 2 map

Dota 2 map in VR


Dota is created on a single map, while Overwatch has quite a few of these that even have different tasks to achieve (eg. Escort – you need to move a payload by eliminating your opponents and standing on it for a time period).

Required skills

Some gamers might be great at Dota, but horrible at Overwatch and vice versa. That is due to the fact that these games require different skillsets. Dota is more about strategy, map awareness and decision making, while Overwatch requires good aim, positioning and coordination. However, there are players who manage to master both games.

Time required to master the game

Success and excellence require time and dedication in just about any field. However, mastering Dota 2 will probably take 10x more time than Overwatch. That is mainly due to the fact that players need to learn what all the 110+ heroes do, start calculating odds in team fights and improving your game knowledge, which is an endless process, especially since patches keep bringing substantial changes.

Small game similarities

Ability cooldown tracking

In order to be good at both Dota 2 and Overwatch, you need to use your abilities properly. Timing is vital and makes the difference between good and awful players.


Coordinating your attacks can significantly increase your success rate. If your whole team works as one, you can destroy your opponents much more efficiently.


Both games require a sense of position and movement on the map. You need to know the map like the back of your hand and constantly be in the right place, at the right time. Positioning can turn out to be of paramount importance when team fights erupt.

Dota 2 MatchMaking


Both games have a matchmaking algorithm in place, in order to make games as fair as possible. If you queue as a solo player, you will be matched with other players with similar skill.

Carrying games

In Dota, carrying a game can be achieved by farming better, timing your attacks and, generally, becoming stronger than your opponents. In Overwatch, carrying is all about the way you move and shoot.

Small game differences

Competitive system rankings

Dota uses a numerical MMR system to determine your ranking. MMR doesn’t have an imposed cap. Overwatch has a numerical Tiers and Skill rating system which resets every season (2 months) and has an upper limit of 5,000 SR.

Decision making and planning

Dota 2 can revolve around a pre-made strategy. For example, you can go for a late-game draft, which might allow you to be a bit more passive during the early-game. Since Overwatch is very dynamic, pre-made strategies matter less. Most decisions are made on the fly and are usually revolving around who to focus on, when to use your ults and how to strike the enemy team.

Game duration

The average competitive Overwatch game takes around 15 minutes, while in Dota it lasts for approximately 35 minutes, on average.

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Team size

Competitive games in Dota require 5 players, while in Overwatch the teams are made of 6 players.

Win streaks

In Dota, there is no increase in the MMR gained if you go on a winning streak, while in Overwatch if you get 10 or more consecutive wins, you’ll be climbing the ladder much faster.


Although Dota 2 and Overwatch might seem quite different at first sight, there are a lot of resemblances and a number of qualities that can help you be a better player when you are switching from one of the games to the other.

Test your new game of choice for at least 12 hours, so that you get the feel of the new game style.
We are not saying that Dota 2 players will love Overwatch and vice versa, but you can always give it a shot. Each of those games is top quality entertainment that can bring you numerous hours of joy and excitement.

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