How Team Secret wins ESL One Birmingham 2019 Overview


Last night mark the fourth of ESL champions title claim by Team Secret. The Grand finals of ESL One Birmingham witnessed Team Secret outstanding performance securing the fifth game against King of the North Evil Geniuses.

Team Secret got into final through the lower bracket after defeating China’s giant dota 2 team PSG.LGD in a 2-1 series. Team Secret and Evil Geniuses brings magnificent dota 2 games as they brought the series into five game.

Evil Geniuses broke the third place curse for the 1st time in the long run proves to us that the team is well prepared to meet with Team Secret. Evil Geniuses run in the Upper bracket looks easy as they beat TNC Predator and PSG.LGD. But the group stage is outstanding as they secured an 8-2 point.

Team Secret and Evil Geniuses does not care about the hype as they enter the 1st match going all out! by going all out as in term of heroes picking. There were Enigma, Tidehunter against YapZor Rubick. That is an exciting game to watch right?

Evil Geniuses strike back in game two as EG Midlaner, Sumail imbalance predictions by double stunning the Io-Gyro pair in the fog changes the game.

Below war started by Secret Midone looks good in the beginning but its a disaster by the end.

Evil Geniuses give back the Leshrac to Sumail as they think it will give them the same luck as in game 2, but they wrong!

Secret punch back into game three as YapZor BlackHole in the Radiant bottom lane secures the game for Team Secret. the score back into Team Secret favors.

Evil Geniuses comeback into game four with giving Sumail his signature hero The Storm Effing Spirit!

Many caster questioning why Sumail does not play this hero more often as the meta is by the heroes side now, but Bulba as EG coach mention that Sumail does not really ‘LIKE’ to play that hero!

Some funny moment as we all know that ‘cliffteezy’ is common in reddit family, but no not only Arteezy, sumail on the cliff, but also Secret.Nisha! The curse is pass to Secret.Nisha.

The game five can be concluded in one thing only. Evil Geniuses in my opinion lose as they have a long duration ulti for their heroes. If you watch the fifth game, Team Secret does not care if they lose 5 man, they’ll just buyback and strike back as EG heroes have no ulti no more.

By that, Team Secret claim the fourth ESL One Champions title! Team Secret Captain and also Founder of the organization wins the ESL One MVP and brings home the Mercedes.

With ESL One Birmingham 2019 now over, we look towards the StarLadder ImbaTV Dota 2 Minor followed by the EPICENTER Major, all just a short time away.