Mike Tyson invests in ESPORTS Fade 2 Karma


One of the greatest boxers of all time, Mike Tyson has decided to become a part of the eSports industry. According to ESPN the renowned personality has invested in the organization called Fade 2 Karma.

Fade 2 Karma is quite popular for its success in Hearthstone. As soon as the investment of Mike Tyson was announced, the organization announce that they will establish a dedicated eSports facility in  El Segundo, California. The location is quite familiar to Mike Tyson, since it holds the headquarters of Tyson Ranch, a marijuana company that is owned by the boxer. ESPN has also confirmed the the eSports facility will be named as “The Ranch House.” It will have a tournament stage, dedicated rooms for live streams and party deck on the rooftop..

Fade 2 Karma was found back in July 2015, by a renowned Hearthstone and Magic: The Gathering player, Tim “Theude” Bergmann. Since its launch the organization has won decent number of tournaments and their rosters hosts talented players from across the globe.

On May 22, Tyson was seen on Twitch playing Hearthstone with some of the players of the organization. He also commented on why he was interest in investing eSports. He said that industry is quite remarkable and he would love to get involved. It will be a big move for him, since he hardly ever does these things. He started to get interested in eSports because of his son, who plays and follows the professional landscape. After studying the industry, the former fighter got in touch with F2K, asking them to find a possible investment that made sense. He ended the stream by saying “The future of eSports will be huge”.

Tyson is a former world heavyweight champion. During his formidable career, he has knocked out 44 opponents, making him one of the greatest of all time. Now he trying to achieve similar success with Fade 2 Karma. We would love to see Mike and Fade achieving success in the industry.

In addition to Mike Tyson, other celebrities of traditional sport also invested in eSports, such as Kensuke Honda and actor Will Smith, invested $ 46 million in Gen.G. Meanwhile, Stephen Curry  subsidized Team Solo- Mid with $ 37 million. Echo Fox received a total investment of 38 million dollars in February 2018. These investments indicates that these renowned personalities are betting on the success of eSports in the upcoming years.

ESports industry is expected to reach $ 1 billion dollar worth in the near future. These investments by renowned superstars shows that the world believes in the success of the industry in the years to come. Hearthstone is a very successful title in the trading card genre. Valve tried to intervene on its success by introducing Artifact yet they failed. The dedicated eSports facility will sure encourage the growth of other titles in the industry.

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