OG Ceb racist case, OG take action


OG take a strong and strict action towards their Dota 2 Offlaner Sebastian ‘Ceb’ Debs, about his pub rage, racial case.

Virtus.Pro Captain and Pos 5 player Alexey ‘Solo’ Berezin make a clear statement that he will not join or participate in the EPICENTER Major even Ceb already apologies unless Valve involve in taking this matter seriously, and they did.

Rage come from the Russian community and player itself makes it a big issue and OG take a strong stand and come out with a solution in punish Ceb accordingly.

The punishment as follows:

“Seb will give up all the gains he might earn at the Epicenter Major to a charity of his choice that will be made public. In addition to that, we fined him the equivalent of his monthly salary. He also guarantees that such situation shall never occur again on pain of a stronger punishment.”

“This will close for us Sébastien’s case. The bigger picture however remains. Setting an example is important, but we believe that we should take the opportunity to try and evolve as a community. Therefore, we are actively working with Virtus Pro on proposing something to better our environment. Meanwhile, to show some love and some dotes (because in the end we just want to play play play), we are trying to organize a show match involving both our teams at the Epicenter Major.” Full Article here.

What do you guys think?