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The best toplaners for MSI 2019


We are one week away from the 2019 MSI. The competition hosts the best teams in the worlds that have reigned supreme in their leagues. The teams from all corners of the globe will come on a single stage to see which side is the best.

We will witness some interesting strategies, owing to the flexible gameplay of the League Of Legends. Anything can happen in the current Meta, and teams know that. We can really look forward to some interesting tactics and picks. We know that everything works these days, yet we are confident that a couple of champions will be higher in popularity. Since they have the ability to not only snowball to victory, but they are capable of making the strongest comebacks.


One of the strongest champions in the game right now is Hecarim. He has adapted well to the meta and will surely be a popular pick at the MSI. In the previous patches, 9.4 and 9,6 he got decent buffs. His Q, Ramage now stacks up and deals more damage with each Stack. Coupling this with the Conqueror ability, you are sure to win 1v1 encounters. The Q allows him to scale well from early to mid game and dominate his lane.

Before the changes to games, players you go build jungling items on the champion. They used to rush Trinity Force and after that used to upgrade it with a Cinderhulk enchantment. Now, the players prefer to go for warrior enchanted item. Since it not only boosts the damage output of the champion but also provides a very efficient spike when it comes to getting the farm. So this item change enabled Hecarim to be played as a core champion.


We get surely Expect the Nautilus to be a popular pick at the MSI. Since its arrival into the game, Nautilus has gotten love on the competitive level. There were times when the champion did coop well with the pace of the game. But now he is bound to make some waves at MSI. In the patch 9,8, he got decent buffs to become a force to be reckoned with in the top lane. His passive now roots for a longer duration. While his Q now deals more damage. His early games in now outstanding and he can surely change the tide of the game easily.


After the 9.8, no one expected to see the Titan rise from The Depths, but in pro games, he has proved his mettle. Apart from being a popular top lane pick, he is strong in the bot and mid lane. He can become great support after picking some traditional tank items with Zeke’s Convergence and Knight’s Vow. In the mid lanes, the pros prefer to pick items like Hextech Protobelt-01 to snowball. The changes to his passive and ability enable him to dominate the early and mid game. He is a great pick to end the games early. At MSI we will surely see him get picked and dominate the competition.

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