The International 2019 tickets sold out in 50 seconds


The International 2019 is all set to be hosted by China. Recently Valve announced that the tickets for the event will be available on two different platforms, and Universe. The former was opened earlier today for the Chinese fans.

To fix the issue of all tickets being sold out in a matter of seconds. This year Valve made changes to the system. It announced that their will be two sale sessions, “early sale” and “normal sale”. The early sale will be exclusive available for the subscribers of Dota Plus. Yet is seems like their won’t be a two sessions. Since, once the tickets were available on for the early session, the entire event was sold out in less than 60 seconds. This meant that no tickets are available for the Chinese fans who didn’t had subscription to the Dota Plus.

We are confident that Valve put up around 27,000 tickets for the Chinese fans. According to the distribution of tickets was:

  • 9268 tickets were available for August 20th and 21st for CNY499 (~$72)
  • 9268 tickets were available for August 22nd and 23rd for CNY499 (~$72)
  • 8268 tickets were available for August 24th and 25th for CNY2099 (~$300)

Just a few minutes after the tickets went on sale, The Weibo page of Dota 2 officially confirmed that all the tickets were  sold in 50 seconds in the early access. So the normal sale will not take place.

Confirmation from Valve

The post translates: Within one minute all tickets of the event were sold out. For the fans who were unable to make the purchase, might just get some tickets in the 13:15 slot. Since it is possible that some orders will get cancelled is the consumers are unable to make the payment on time. However, if all the payments are made on time, then there won’t be any tickets for sale at 14:15.

The Western community should not get worried since their ticket will be sold separately on the Universe platform. Valve has announced that ticket will be sold in two separate sessions. First session will be exclusively for the Dota Plus subscribers while the second one will be for the other people. IF you are prepared to make a purchase to the TI9 ticket then we recommend you to check out the FAQs of the Universe sale page on the website. It will guide you how to make an easy purchase.

The tickets on the Universe platform will go on sale later today. The early access will be open hour prior to the normal access. We really hope the all of the Western fans will get their tickets as soon as possible. In our opinion, things will go same as and only the owners of Dota Plus will get their hands on the tickets. Lets see if Valve has a solution for the next round of ticket sales.

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