Top contenders for Dreamhack Masters Dallas 2019 Overview


With Dreamhack Masters Dallas 2019 kicking off in a few hours, let’s have a look at the favourites of the competition.

Liquid seeks blood

In 2018, the side failed to win major trophies after finishing at 2nd place or lowers. The series of unsuccessful results led to experts believing that Liquid is unable to compete against the like of Na’Vi and Astralis. Contrary to the beliefs, they had fair share of success in 2019. The side also won the IEM Sydney title a few weeks ago. This labelled them as team that has the potential to fight for Major trophies in the second of the year, Since they were unable to perform well in the Intel Extreme Masters.

Statistically, Liquid is best team competing in the tournament, yet we don’t rate them as solid contenders for the title. Since they will be competing against the likes of Renegades, Vitality, ENCE and FaZe Clan. Each one of these is capable of beating the best on their day, yet Liquid has the potential to completely outplay each one of these teams and take home the title.

This past weekend, Liquid competed in the finale of the cs_summit 4. They competed against the French side, Vitality and despite being rated as the favourites, Liquid were comprehensively dominated. They lost 2-0 and will surely have redemption on their mind in Dallas.

FaZe Clan

It been quite a while we see the EU side reigning supreme against some of the best teams in the world. They have the latent to do so yet they failing owing to their selfish style of play.

In 2019, the side has won the BLAST Pro Series Miami and the ELEAGUE Invitational. Apart from these competition, FaZe has been disappointing in majority of the competitions. We really hope that the team finds its way at the Dreamhack.

We will be witnessing some new face in Dallas than we saw at the start of 2019. A few weeks, ago the team changed its in-game leader and recruited ex-Virtus.Pro man, Filip “NEO” Kubsk. He replaced Nikola “NiKo” Kovač who failed to fill the void left by one of the greatest players in the game, Finn “karrigan” Andersen.

We are anxious to see how this new FaZe will compete in Dallas.


The Fins proved to be a force to be reckoned with at the start of the season after reaching the grand finale of IEM Katowice. Even though, ENCE was demolished, 3-0 yet, it didn’t stop them to wreak havoc in the competitive circuit. A month ago the side won its first Premier trophy by beating Astralis 2-0 in the BLAST Pro Series Madrid.

The last time we saw ENCE was at the cs_summit 4 where they failed to live up to the expectations. They had a terrible group stage, which saw them drawing most of their matches, and barely avoided defeat. Their road came to an end after getting beaten by Vitality. We really hope to se the best version of the team at DreamHack Dallas.

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