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Yummi officially arrives in League of Legends


League of Legends (LoL) will receive a new champion, the kitty Yuumi. The champion will be available to play on the test PBE server of LoL, from April 30. It belongs to the support class and, according to Riot Games, the champion is highly recommended for beginners. Yuumi’s abilities allow her to attach itself with the champions of the Summoner’s Rift. It will allow her to heal her teammates and deal damage to the opposing team. Let’s have a look at all the information of the new LoL champion.

Origin of Yuumi

Yuumi is a magical cat that lives in Bandópolis, the hometown of the Yordles. Before appearing in Summoner’s Rift, she was the pet of a yordle witch named Norra, who owned the Book of Portals. After Norra disappears mysteriously, Yuumi becomes the new Guardian of the book and uses it to try to find its owner again. During the travels, the kitten helps everyone with their shields and healing abilities.

Skills and ultimate

Yuumi’s abilities provide support for both herself and the ally she is attached to. The passive “Pop and Block” recover mana and grants a shield when Yuumi hits opponents with basic attacks. If it is linked to an ally, the shield will also be applied to the teammate.

His Q “Prowling Projectile” allows Yuumi to fire a shot that deals magical damage to the first enemy it hits. The skill increases your damage and reduced the movement speed of the enemy. The rate of speed reduction depends on the distance moved by the projectile. The W, “You and Me!” has a passive and an active effect. When used on an allied champion, Yuumi attaches to him/her and cannot be attacked by enemies, only by towers. While attached to another champion, both share some of the attack damage and ability power with each other.

The ability that guarantees sustainability on the lane is her E “Zoomies”, which has two charges. It guarantees healing and movement speed for her and for the champion to which Yuumi is linked to. In her ultimate “Final Chapter” she shoots blasts from the Book of Portals that apply to root to enemies that are hit several times. Yuumi can move and use skills while casting his ultimate ability.

Before this official announcement by Riot, Yummi was leaked by a YouTube Channel. The Channel shared a video of the champion’s spotlight. The owner of the channel removed it minutes after uploading it but it was long enough to spread like a forest fire. People took screenshots and recorded the videos and shared them on Reddit. We believe that this act forced RIot to officially release the champion. Or else, we could have gotten it after the MSI 2019.

Now we can’t wait to test the champion on the test servers. It will surely be a great laning champion and can influence team-fights with its ultimate.

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